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We are HROnline+ not just for the name, we live up to that name. The plus (+) are the features that have been packed with your HROnline. Features which are very efficient and most probably you have just wished for.

Nothing is more important than your time, which is why we are making your life really easy with HROnline+ through simple, flexible and affordable HR systems and modules that are seamlessly integrated which allows you to take complete control of your needs.

Following below but not limited to are our HRIS SPECIFICATIONS:

Personal Modules

Personal Information/201 Module

Included details are: Employee and/or Alternate ID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Nick Name, Date and/or Place of Birth, Religion, Permanent Address, Nationality, Mobile No., Contact Person, Physical Characteristics (ex: Weight, Height, Blood Type, Eye Color, Shirt Size, Shoe Size, Complexion, Vital Stats and Beauty Index)

Government Identification

Government Issued Identification details such as TIN, SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig and Passport included.

Family Information

Personal details of declared family members also their work information if they work with us of a competitor.

Employment History

Previous employers’ details may be seen here. It aso includes the employees’ salary then and the position he held.

Educational Attainment

Name of school last attended, degree earned, dates and honors recieved is seen here.

Language Profile

Languages the employee is proficient in and the level of proficiency. Also included details are if the employee can read, write and speak such language.

Reference Information

Employees’ declared references and all necessary details about them. Details included are: Address, Company connected with, Position and Contact details.

Work Related Modules

Work Information

List of Work details such as position, to what department, division, section and cost center does the employee belong, salary and employment details (employment date, permanency date, and the like).

Training Profile

The Seminars and Trainings attended by the employee, details of these seminars and/or trainings, conductors, and more.

Leaves Application

Details of leaves applied for, type of leave, dates and reasons.

Movement Profile

Movement Types like Merit Increase or Anniversary Increase and all its connected specifications.

Violations File

Date and type of violation committed by the employee; sanctions or suspension details; if any has taken into effect.

Awards & Citation

Type of Award and Citation received by the employee and the date is was received.


Employees’ Goals and objectives are on this module. Details such as Ratings, strength and weaknesses comments, Recommendations, and Officers’ and Management’s comments included.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluation based on PE parameters like Total Customer Satisfaction, Honesty & Loyalty or Test and all its details.

Benefits Evaluation

Includes the Name of Benefit, date and the amount earned.


Clubs and Organization the employee is connected with, their position and the date of membership.

Application Requirement

This includes the type and status of the employee’s application requirement.


The list of Resigned employees and all details about the said employee, his/her contact details and physical characteristics.


Personal and basic information about job applicant and their contact details.

More Plus

Based on Query

Filtering searches to the minutest detail is very much possible. Simply provide the required information and search results will be generated.


A wide choice of the kind of Report you needed right away. Reports may be exported in PDF and/or Excel files.

“What If” Salary Scenario Module

This module lets you foresee what will happen if there will be; for example, a mass increase in in employees’ salaries.

Add Custom Report

How would you like your reports processed? Customize them as you wish whenever you need to.

Organizational Chart

Know who’s who in the company. Know your superiors, your bosses and also those under you.

They say they’re the best..we are better than them!

We make complex HR processes easy and flexible and customised according to your specifications. So simple, user-friendly, economical and efficient.