About Us

The most efficient and detailed HR your company would ever need + it is one the go!

Most people, if not all, have been very dependent on computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. Why not, with it plus carefully crafted applications, complications of everyday living has become more simple.

Entrepreneurs, be it small or large, have adapted itself to the changing times thus step by step integrating business processes into technology advancements; hence the creation of HROnline+.

Behind HROnline+ and other business process solutions like Payrollpinas, VehicleStreet and mypeopleworks is RVE Software Development. Through the years, it has consistently adhered to its mission and vision, that is to make all business processes and transactions accessible at any given time and place.

HROnline+ distinct in its aptness to undertake and take into responsibility the requirements of entrepreneurs (small to large scaled) for an ergonomic, practical and accessible HR information management system thoroughly cohesive with employee profiler to the minutest detail, salary management, benefits administration. All these at an affordable and reasonable cost plus hassle-free installation and not to mention HROnline+ is maintenance free.

HROnline+ is notably created for businessmen who wants to be hands-on their businesses. Essentially, it is your online employees’ profiler. Getting into HROnline+ is infinite because it is web-based. When you are out of the country and you see a uniform perfect for your staff, you need not call your HR or anyone else to get their measurements. In just a few clicks, all details will be available for you. More so, it lets you become environment-friendly as you go paperless.

With HROnline+, you welcome and incorporate technology advancements into your business. Should you be open to these advancements and deemed it right that HROnline+ will be another plus to your growing business, we hold office at 18th Floor West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Philippines and may be reached thru Landline (632) 655.37.63 / Mobile (63) 920.729.7655 and customercare@hronlineplus.com.