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The Power in One

We are HROnline+ not just for the name, we live up to that name. The plus (+) are the features that have been packed with your HROnline. Features which are very efficient and most probably you have just wished for.

Personal Information/201 Module

Included details are: Employee and/or Alternate ID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Nick Name, Date and/or Place of Birth, Religion, Permanent Address


The list of Resigned employees and all details about the said employee, his/her contact details and physical characteristics.


Personal and basic information about job applicant and their contact details.

Based on Query

Filtering searches to the minutest detail is very much possible. Simply provide the required information and search results will be generated.

“What If” Salary Scenario Module

This module lets you foresee what will happen if there will be; for example, a mass increase in in employees’ salaries.


A wide choice of the kind of Report you needed right away. Reports may be exported in PDF and/or Excel files.

HR Online+

The corporate world is a lot complicated and stressful as it is. Details of its branches or departments need to be taken cared of, monitored and overseen keenly in specifics. The HR Department of each company is one which needs most attention and prioritized as it is the make-up and the backbone af any company. This is why RVE AppMaker Inc. created HRONLINE+.

HR Online+ manages the HR Department requiring less manpower but making it more efficient and effective. Everything can be monitored closely anytime, anywhere as the system is coherently integrated.